Caci Non Surgical Face Lift

Caci gently helps to tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use quad probes to increase the effect on the muscle producing immediate and dramatic results. Treatment time 1 hour £67

A course of ten facials is recommended spread out over four weeks and then a monthly maintenance is required. Booking a demonstration is the ideal way to see the results of this fantastic treatment. Course of 10 £620

Supercaci Non Surgical Face Lift
The muscles are held longer to achieve more muscle lift. Ideal for a special occasion or if your monthly maintenance is overdue. Treatment time 1½ hours £90

Caci Jowl Lift
Firm and tone the jawline.Improve the appearance of sagging jowls. Lift and firm contours. A course of treatments is recommended but Jowl Lift can be performed as a quick fix treatment for that special occassion.It can also be combined with your regular Caci Non Surgical Face lift treatment. Jowl Lift treatment on its own is a 30 minute appointment with treatment time of 20 minute.
£40 each or Course of 10 £360

Eye Revive

To reduce puffiness, dark circles and lift the muscle around the eye area
whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A course of ten treatments is recommended followed by a monthly maintenance


Caci Hydratone is a new treatment specifically developed for individuals with busy lives,that are short on time, and in need of a treatment that can deliver effective results. The hydratone takes just ten minutes to perform yet provides immediate intensive skin hydration and face firming. Hydratone combines active micro current rollers with a unique, electrically conductive gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties, (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E). The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become 'charged' so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy. De-hydrated and sun damaged skin is immediately quenched by the hydrating action of the mask. The mask's powerful properties also have a softening action on the skin tissue that helps to plump out and smooth deep lines and wrinkles.

A course of treatment will give progressive results but hydratone can be performed as a quick fix treatment alone or you can have combined with Caci non surgical face lift facial. At the end of your treatment you take home the Hydratone mask to use daily until all the collagen liquid has been used up.

Caci Futur-Tec

Futur-Tec combines laser, micro-current, ultrasound and vacuum in one state of the art treatment. Futur-Tec treats just about every skin problem you can think of and is a brilliant antidote to late nights. A course of twelve treatments is recommended followed by a monthly maintenance.

Anti-Ageing Facial
This treatment uses laser, micro-current, ultrasound and vacuum to achieve instant results This remarkable facial stimulates production of collagen and elastin; softening deep lines and wrinkles, for the ultimate anti-ageing experience.
£70 each or Course of 10 £650

Deep Wrinkle Treatment
For an extra boost this specialised treatment uses micro-current to target deep frown furrows,nose to mouth lines and harsh wrinkles. This unique facial is a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections that will provide more youthful appearance.
£45 each or Course of 10 £400

Specially designed to encourage rapid healing and skin regeneration.The acne/blemish treatment acts as a decongestant to problem skins .Using ultra sound to deep peel and laser to stimulate tissue repair, spots and blemishes are zapped after one treatment. 
£45 each or Course of 10 £400

Scar Tissue
Using ultrasound to remove dead skin cells and therapeutic laser to promote new tissue growth. This is the definitive healing treatment. The skin feels softer and more refined after each treatment.  £45 each or Course of 10 £400

Caci Lift 6 Facials


Over time, skin begins to thin. When facial skin loses density, all of the other visible signs of ageing begin to appear-such as lines, wrinkles, sagging contours and dilated pores. Lift 6 is a unique technique that non-surgically redensifies facial skin by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production. Lift 6 re-awakens collagen production to restore youthful elasticity, re-contour sagging jaw-lines, re-plump ageing skin and smooth away lines and wrinkles. From the very first session you will see and feel a dramatic difference

A course of twelve to fifteen treatments is recommended, two treatments per week and then a monthly maintenance is required.
£45 each or Course of 12 £495

Caci Quantum Body Treatments

Inch loss treatment. A course of at least 10 treatments will lead to longer-term results and the general improvement in muscle tone. If you want to tone up, the treatment may be applied to your whole body or the specific problem area.

Improvements in general lymphatic drainage is brought about by a sophisticated system, which works in synergy with your own individual heartbeat to reduce excess fluid retention. The removal of toxins improves the general feeling of wellbeing and is an essential part of any slimming programme.

Electro-Cellulite Massager
Effective Cellulite treatment using micro current to improve circulation and metabolic activity. The electro cellulite massager can be used for massaging areas of stubborn cellulite, soothing tired aching muscles, lifting and firming the buttocks, contouring and toning legs and thighs. Great for stimulating the circulation.